Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rough Works

The paintings shown here are plein-air sketches, some more in a state of "finish" than others. From left to right, the first painting is called the Rock and was painted in near-ideal outdoor conditions. It was a bright day at Ft. Getty in Jamestown, RI (USA) with a light breeze. Consequently I was able to enjoy my study time and the result, while open to improvement in the studio has a fairly high degree of finish for a plein-air sketch. The second work, called After the Storm, was a study done at Beavertail, again in Jamestown with a moderate wind and the conditions allowed a good long look at the currents surrounding the chain of rocks as well as large swells growing into breakers -- both favorite painting topics for me. The last painting, called Narragansett Fog, was a struggle to complete since the conditions began as fog and then suffered growing sunlight as I painted on the beach. This last painting, then, was a memory painting in part and its roughness shows that it requires more work in the studio to polish this "gem".

This work was accomplished in a one and a half week period and marks that nostalgic end-of-summer period when I "paint like a pig eats"!

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