Monday, December 29, 2014

Training Never Ceases

      The Hummocks, oil on board, 8x10

      This oil sketch, done a couple of days ago in North Kingstown, was done as the sun sank behind the tree and at low tide.  The spot is only a mile or two south of Wickford and, even in December , has it's quiet, wild beauty.  Such areas are wonderful for training the painter in observation.  Such oil sketches provide the kindling for larger studio paintings.

     The Hummocks (no.2) , oil on cardboard, 9x12

         The second oil sketch, done at the same location as the first, featured more of the foreground rocks.  To the left of center two figures were digging for shellfish.  Since the wind was gentle I was able to complete the two sketches in slightly less than two hours.
    The Meeting Place(Wickford), oil on board, 8x10

     A favorite meeting place for waterfowl is located behind what used to be Ryan's Market.  The bite of the breeze allowed me only little more than an hour to complete this sketch.

    Butterfly Vase with Yellow Roses, oil on canvas, 13x17
   Kumquats and Lantern Blooms, oil on canvas, 16x16
   The Cowpoke (Jim), oil on board, 14x18

      These last three images, two still life's and a portrait, show other painterly activities (done in the last few weeks) designed to keep up painting and drawing skills that tend to be neglected when the outdoor weather starts showing its New England character.  Thanks to Kate Huntington Studios, I am able to enjoy painting portraits from her wonderful selection of models on Monday nights.  I fancy myself primarily an outdoor (plein air) painter, but such training as portraiture and still life I find absolutely necessary in keeping artistic skills sharp.  As we begin a New Year, may we painters resolve to keep proficient in our painterly skill set!