Friday, September 11, 2009

The Joys of Old Cars

I live only about 15 -20 minutes from Wickford by car and have a car that will soon turn over its last mile. That inhibits the painter from being too expansive. I'd love to paint spots on the east Bay, but not trusting the Green _____ (fill in the blank), I decided to stay close to home.

I wandered off to nearby Wickford, down to the harbor where I have often painted the moored sailboats. Perhaps, too often. Along the edge of the water there was a pesky vagrant rummaging through the trash barrels. I decided to walk to the street, my 12 x 16 stretched linen support in hand, where there were some old houses. Settling down on a trusty stool, I began to paint the three houses opposite me on Brown Street. I thought this would be a typical "default" painting, but I really enjoyed my attempt at solving problems of light, color, and perspective. I think this might be a "keeper" (minor corrections aside).