Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter Practice -- January

  January has so far been a fickle month, a usual state of the climate here in New England.  A few days have allowed this plein-air painter to at least sketch a scene briefly and work on the "rough draft" back in the studio.  Here is a photo I took at low tide in Apponaug, RI:

Photo taken at Low Tide

  Several days earlier I had stopped at the site with my oil set-up and painted a rough picture which I later touched up in the studio:
Low Tide, Apponaug , O/C 12x16

  The motivation behind the painting -- besides this outdoor painter spending too many days indoors!-- is the range of color, the brightness, the reflections in the muddy foreground, a painter's delight.

   Another photo I took was of Wheeler State Beach last week:

 The beach is still recovering from Hurricane Sandy and it is a favorite summer painting site for me during the waning light of day.  My memory of beautiful late afternoons spent at Wheeler as well as this reference photo helped yo create a "virtual" plein-air state of mind.  The result is the 14x18  oil shown here:
Wheeler Beach Afternoon, O/C, 14x18.