Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Pre-winter Mix

  The term "wintry mix" warns us of some adverse travel and painting conditions here in southern New England--enough to keep some painters home-bound, neglecting plein-air skills.  Most of us plein-air painters are fortunate, however, to be near groups which allow us to maintain our drawing and painting skill levels.-- allowing us to be ready when outside conditions improve.  In particular, there are "open studio" , still life, portrait and figure groups available.  One outstanding group I have participated with is that run by the talented Providence-based artist, Kate Huntington now housed at Providence Picture Frame.
     The Cape Verdean, oil on canvas, 14x18

     The portrait above was done at Kate's portrait session which takes place 2-5 P M each Tuesday at
Providence Picture Frame.  The one below is another example of the kind of portrait that can be done in the three hour period:
    Jacob, oil on canvas, 14x18

     Another session run by Kate is the Figure Sketching group which meets from 2-5 PM each Thursday at the same place as the Portrait Session.  Here's a recent example of one of my figurative studies:
    Charcoal on white paper

    Another portrait session of interest is run by Ray Finelli, who teaches portraiture at the Providence Art Club.  The charcoal sketch below was done at a session coordinated by Ray at the North Kingstown Senior Center.  This session runs weekly, 10 AM-12PM, on Tuesdays.

   Richard, charcoal on newsprint

    So there is no excuse for the serious plein-air artist.  We have plenty of opportunity for practice.  The oil sketches shown below were also done over the last week (between bad-weather days!):
    Easton's Beach, oil on linen, 11x14

     The Marsh, oil on linen, 11x14