Friday, July 1, 2011

A Painting Frenzy

The show in Barnstable, known as "Art in the Village", was an excuse for me to paint some scenes related to the village itself. I was able to do so since the Cape Cod Art Association kept an eye on the rack I had rented during the two-day show.

Again, because I was caught up in a "painting frenzy" when I returned, I had no time to carefully take digital images of my work. (The fine weather seduced me into the outdoors --RI beaches, coves , harbors!) At Barnstable I painted a scene at the Inn and another I call "Barnstable Backyard" which shows a view of the salt marsh . The show in Barnstable, judging from the number of artists in attendance, was smaller than last year. Not surprising, since the number of sales was probably down due to the economic times. I did sell one painting off my rented rack, a 12x12 oil of Gloucester harbor. Sales or no sales I always look forward to being in this peaceful village setting and exploring the paintable subjects.

I've recharged my digital camera and am ready to shoot and post!

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