Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Preparations for the Cape

This week I have been scrambling around, preparing for Art in the Village, an art fair sponsored by the CCAA (Cape Cod Art Association) in Barnstable on Cape Cod. The art show falls on the weekend (June25, 26) and I will load a rack up with my smaller paintings. By renting a rack from CCAA, I am free to explore other Cape painting sites, returning to Barnstable at the end of each day. So far, the weather looks to be cloudy -- good for art shows.

Also I am preparing at least two paintings to enter the CIAA (Conanicut Island Art Association) juried show called "Icons of Jamestown". The paintings I am preparing are both freshly done in the last few days! The paintings have been done 90% plein air with only 10% involving touch -up with quick-drying medium. Again, I have been dragging my feet on getting images available to upload.

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  1. I quite sure that art fair went by great! Thanks for sharing this!