Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Fall Collection

  The feverish activity of summer plein- air events are now behind us.  The Blackstone Valley paint-out was a spectacular one since the weather offered the painter sun-drenched scenes of early autumn beauty.  As autumn progresses here I have been active in capturing the dramatic color in my local area.

       Narragansett Beach View (October), o/c, 12x12

      I have also sketched more inland areas to feast on the color afforded by local foliage.

     October Stream, o/c, 12x12

     October Stream (Morning), o/c, 12x12

    Below is a brief sketch I did yesterday in North Kingstown, just south of Wickford Village
    The Swampy Grove, o/c, 6x10

       Yes, a heron did stop by , seemingly to enjoy the scenery bathed in the late afternoon sun.

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