Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day Trip to the Cape

Yesterday I had to deliver several paintings to the Cape Cod Art
Association (CCAA) in Barnstable. The oils delivered were entered into the annual CCAA Little picture show and consisted of seascape-related subjects that I hope have popular appeal.

After the delivery, taking advantage of the beautiful weather, I
explored the beach at Sandwich. The painting shown here(leftmost) is done on a small 0dd-size board (roughly 8 x 10") and represents a study of the mystery of dunes as the shadows lengthen. The painting (preliminary title: Sandwich Dunes) is not finished, but in it I have the information needed for a larger picture perhaps incorporating figures. My object was to paint the subject (dunes and their shadows) with close attention paid to airiness and luminosity of shadow areas.

Another small study(on the right) emphasized a passage between dunes, appropriately titled "Passage". The size here was also an odd one, perhaps 8 x 7", and incorporates a distant view of inland hills.

Many walked the beach at Sandwich, including an experienced watercolorist named Smersky out of Plimouth (who also sketched there). Let's hope that even in December we can find days such as these, days in which we can study outdoor light unhampered by gale or rain!

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